How much of this slow RUssian progress is deliberate?

Had Russia "stream rolled" Ukraine like Doug Macgreggor thought, would there have been time for U.S. to impose sanctions or let them take deliterious effect on Europe as Putin no doubt anticipated?

Seems, a "shock and awe" campaign might likely have resulted in delivering Russian petro to Europe by now as fait accompli, and oh well, oh well . It's have saved U.S. face, in fact, by ending before U.S> could do anything.

But this way, Putin proves his point, that no jarbled rhetoric can efface, and compels realpolitiic on Europe.

"Who is really the ally of Europe? America or RUssia?"

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The West IS UNITED IN SUPPPORTING UKRAINE and will never leave their side... as stated repeatedly by USA and the UK. And let's not forget the other former "crumbling Soviet Republics" now thriving as independent democracies who will cradle 🇺🇦 until, and after, this is all over. You really need to start reading other news outlets.

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