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"China’s unintentional . . ."

" . . . unwittingly violated by China"

Utter nonsense. I cannot for the life of me understand why such an incisive analyst would wittingly make such a monkey out of himself like this.

Let me make it simple. This anti-Iranian statement coming in the context of Emperor Xi's triumphant state visit to KSA served the following purposes:

1) Combined with the KSA arranged prisoner swap for the purposes of delivering an undeniable national humiliation to the US as the cherry on top to the planned collapse of American power in the Middle East;

2) This was a sop to the foreign policy establishment factions in the USG that are on board with turning the US into a tributary of China (if it isn't already there). With ever increasing frequency and geopolitical consequence, China insists upon a narrative that all powers must give way to its objectives. This was a shot across the bow to Iran that China will punish it if it even complains, let alone causes problems, in its nascent alliance with KSA and the Gulf States. China demonstrated what Iran already knew, with Trump removed anything Iran is to get from the USG must meet approval in Beijing.

3) Undergirding all of this is something you've written about in a serious way -- the Russia/India/Iran alignment. Suffice it to say that China is sending a message to Iran that Iran isn't free to ignore China in the development thereof.

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