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"This explains why Zelensky was so angry..."

Let's not forget: the man may not be a Great Statesman, or even a great puppet, but he does have a special way of playing the piano; he's an actor. He might actually be quite a useful idiot in a game of 5-D chess, where explosive (insincere) indignation is called for.

"Disinformation is part of any conflict, and the Russian-NATO proxy war in [the] Ukraine is no exception..."

I wouldn't call you a 'Master of Understatement', but this one's certainly a doozy!

"...nobody can dismiss the scenario of him trying to trick his opponents..."

See immediately above, but in something of a more serious light.

"This isn’t a so-called “conspiracy theory” either since these sorts of operations occur all the time."

Isn't that what you mean by '5-D Chess'?

"...there’s no doubt that these claims will influence popular perceptions of their rivalry."

Yep, unless I'm badly mistaken, that's 5-D chess.

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