Inshallah. One certainly hopes this is the case. You haven't mentioned the reason behind China's zero-covid policy - a fear that China has been ethno-targeted with the covid bioweapon by the Pentagon.

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Dec 1, 2022·edited Dec 1, 2022

Yes, you hit the nail on the head.

This is the topic that American/Western "anti-lockdown" or self-styled Crusaders for Freedom carefully avoid talking about--even as they bleat about "the CCP oppressing its own people" or shed crocodile tears about Chinese people:

Covid-19 was possibly an American bioterrorist attack on China.

"COVID-19 Was an ‘Anti-Economy’ Bioweapon by the U.S. Against China"


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not sure where you're seeing these "leftists who worship china". seems a bit reductio ad absurdum but whatever.

what i HAVE seen is similar to the view of iran's protests: of course there are grievances and protest should be encouraged if it's not some inchoate rioting and other nonsense. that said: these protests don't exist in a vacuum. there ARE NGOs pouncing. there ARE spooks from the CIA/MI6 pool of filth who infiltrate. have you not read the factual recollections of what really happened "at Tiananmen"? legit protestors infected with provocateurs and dead cops: oh wait, that's iran this past month.

even a cursory glance at syria gives one a clear impression of these tactics. again:whatever. have fun being "the one smart guy in the room".

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Thanks for the clarification. I had a feeling that these protests were legitimate, but not nearly as big as the MSM would want you to believe. This mini-détente and overall peaceful nature of the protests suggest to me that they aren't CIA funded and therefore will subside in a short amount of time and not result in regime change.

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I completely agree that the leftist AMC are wrong for actively supporting China's Zero Covid policy and for dismissing the Chinese people's actual grievances with it, which seem to have inspired the latest protests. I also see how the protests arguably do not constitute an all-out color revolution.

But I assume fomenting a color revolution is a process, and just because it may be premature to declare this a color revolution right now, that doesn't mean that we're not observing a potential or attempted color revolution. The US Empire has been waging a cultural war against the Chinese, and I think it's safe to assume that they are trying to use these protests to serve their goal of regime change. I've seen credible reports, for example, that the Shanghai protesters basically are the Chinese versions of woke US liberals, using BLM-type slogans and rainbow flags. As you say, "some demonstrators are clearly serving foreign interests." I'm sure more hard evidence will come to light if it hasn't already.

As I read it, your post seems to close the door on the possibility that this is a color revolution, instead of adopting a more pragmatic wait-and-see approach.

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