Andrew, absolutely on target. I wonder is those NATO stockpiles are really the tens of thousands of US weapons, tanks, artillery, etc that have been stockpiled across Europe and the former Soviet Republics are what is being depleted? That stuff has been used every year in the war games all along Russia's borders. Biden's in a bind! My dad used to say, "Americans vote with the pocketbooks." Or as Clinton famously said, "it's the economy stupid." ( I think it was Clinton) Americans are feeling it in the pocketbook and it is only getting worse.

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Oct 17, 2022·edited Oct 17, 2022

Pressure is also brewing on both the US and NATO governments from the 'boomerang' effect of the criminal sanctions (which have no legality and are based on the 'unipolar's hegemony) - the spectre of defeat for the Democrats in November and the widespread protests in France, Germany, Czech Republic, Italy against the skyrocketing energy and food prices and shortages. Plus the prospect of millions freezing this coming winter with the damaged/destroyed Nordstream pipelines.

This is a 'do-or-die' not just for Russia, but the emerging multipolar world. A third factor not mentioned in this article is a report on RT that NATO has been quietly advised that it might have to fend for itself in the anti-Russia war, as the US focuses its resources on 'Asia-Pacific', meaning the war it is seeking to stoke with China over Taiwan, plus its 'decapitation' objectives against North Korea which responded to the US-led exercises off Korea with missile launches.

At the same time, the US-UK orchestrated hysteria over the death of one woman in Iran is clearly an attempt to topple the Iranian government, which also defies the unipolar order, and is a key player in the China-Russia led BRI. Never mentioned in this hysteria is the hundreds of thousands murdered in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen etc with open 'shock-and-awe' carpet bombings, regime-change ops by which ISIS etc were armed by the US, and sale of weapons of mass murder. All of which included hundreds of thousands of murdered women and children.

Commentators on RT have mentioned that the West is having considerable success in brainwashing its own populations in this propaganda war, though much of the rest of the world is sympathetic to the truth-exposing Putin speech after incorporating Novorossiya, and the just concluded Chairman XI speech in Beijing affirming a commitment to 'One China' and boosting military and technological capacity to defy 'external interference'.

Other brazen frauds being the complete fake claims of Uyghur genocide in Xinjiang province, after the CIA-orchestrated terror ops there forced the CCP to take protective measures - since the BRI apparently needs a stable Xinjiang to succeed.

Lots of evil machinations by the US and its vassals. With pressure mounted on India for refusing to buckle under US pressure to condemn Russia. But on the other side, the possibility of a better world and the diminishment of the Petrodollar as the world's reserve currency, as more and more countries including not just Saudi Arabia but other OPEC+ countries standing upto US threats of 'consequences' for defying US orders and cutting oil production.

WW3 may still flare-up and be the 'necessary evil' to rid the world of the US-NATO rape and plunder hegemony.

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