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"The NATO chief’s self-proclaimed “race of logistics”/“war of attrition” with Russia that he declared in February inadvertently proved that Russia’s military-industrial complex can compete with the entire West’s."

And WIN!

All those pretty little dollars floating away into nothingness... Squandered for... Nothing.

Wow, those people must be SO rich if they can afford that? No wonder they're universally despised! Just think how many toes they must have trodden on, how many people they must have hurt, just how exceptional they MUST BE, to get so RICH!

"...make Biden look like a bumbling fool..."

It's not 'Biden' (Whom we refer to as 'Brezhden', if you remember Leonid Ilyich (19/12/06 – 10/11/82) at home.) nor the 'Deep State'.

There is no 'Deep State' — a term which somehow imparts some sort of mystical unassailable status to a gang of thugs, like the 'Bolsheviks' may have been at some stage (though less firmly or religiously convinced of their God-given inability to fail).

It's the swamp out of which Biden climbed a greasy pole to ascend. Looking for some mythical, untouchable 'Deep State' is silly. It's just a state, like any other. Drain the swamp!

"...is all about Biden’s re-election..."

No, it's about protecting the swamp. Individual politicians are of insignificant relevance.

"...the Republicans will rightly pounce on Biden..."

As if they would have done anything differently: as if they, being superhuman, didn't have to hold their breath when they dive deep into their swamps; as if the water from one 'Republican' swamp didn't pollute and isn't polluted by the swamp of a neighbouring 'Democratic' one!

"...though Russia’s hypersonic missiles will likely keep him from crossing the ultimate red line."

Thank God: Russia saves the world (again)!

"...but tens of thousands more might still die before these warmongers are removed from power. "

Please, God, let there be justice: let those lives lost and maimed be those forced to support the evil ones who started this war, and NOT the Russians'.

Godspeed, Russia — may the force be with you!

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