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There is one other possibility. Biden's handlers may not want to risk him saying something incredibly stupid about Modi or India, like he did recently when he said President Xi of China was "of COURSE" a dictator because he's a Communist.

Or maybe he'll fall down the stairs or start wandering aimlessly around looking for exits and young girls with sniffable hair. It must be a problem for the White House staff.

People in obvious steep, cognitive decline, especially when they never had much room to decline in the first place, are very difficult to manage. I suppose they could always send Kamala Harris, but her tendency to inappropriately giggle could cause a total trade embargo, so she's out, too.

My American heart swells with pride at the unparalleled idiocy of my elected leaders. No other nation IN THE WORLD has selected such paragons of inanity to lead them, though the UK and Argentina are really giving it a go. USA #1!

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