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Love your writing, really is great stuff, but sometimes it's hard to beat a glimpse from the side. 'A picture's worth a thousand words,' too true and sometimes a couple of words in a caption, like the one above (I think your use of pictures to headline your articles, like this one, by the way, works really well.) "He needs a US push to do the right thing..." Wow! What more can you say?!

How about this: "...the US has a so-called ‘moral right to interfere in all other countries’ affairs in pursuit of what he’s convinced is the ‘greater good’." Yep, those twenty-five words carry the weight of at least a couple hundred.

But these are my favourites for today: "warmongering puppet".

Nice picture. (Not to be confused with today's favourite words.)

Why does a picture of Ursala von Lay-me(-not-them) keep popping into my head, like some bloody annoying tune ringing through your ears all day?

'Out, out, damn spot!'

"What, will these hands ne'er be clean?"

Never (is an awfully long time).

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