It's incredible that not everyone sees this—in particular, that most Europeans don't see it the same: “In my opinion, the biggest ‘black hand’ behind the scenes is the US, and it is also the biggest beneficiary. As long as the Ukraine conflict continues, it will help the US with its policies of weakening Russia, controlling Europe and containing China. The American arms industry would make a fortune.”

I'm leaning more and more to the view that Chinese are the real grown-ups in the room, Russians are rational, Indians are rational and also very astute, and the Western "leaders" are so infantile, they're worse than children—they seem to be children with severe inability to regulate their emotions, at least, and maybe exhibiting some logic thinking fallacies and developmental issues, at worst, the EU & US leaders are.

Either that, or they're really smart and cynical. Or, dumb and cynical.

In either case, the West having nukes is a real # 1 danger to the whole world.

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Your doubts are a result of carefully controlled Western media, education and indoctrination. What you know is likely not reality. Perhaps seeing the geo-political events from above without bias will clear things up. This is the most recent part #4 from the series.


If you like, I suggest you begin from part #1. This knowledge is not taught or spoken about.

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Mar 23, 2023·edited Mar 23, 2023

Thanks for this! You might also want my Business Games with AI newsletter—in the recent-most season, I cover propaganda and will be moving onto the geopolitics and world economy of it all: https://www.business-games.ai/

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And these statements come after one of the clearest warnings about the China-US relationship issued by President Xi Jinping. Indeed, Beijing can no longer turn the other cheek since Trump launched his ridiculous trade war against it, through Pelosi's unacceptable provocations in the Straits of Formosa and the EuroVassals threats of sanctions in case of military aid to Russia.

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