While the protests are definitely genuine, there's reason to suspect they may be co-opted by false NED protestors anyway. In some Cantonese speaking regions all the protestors were speaking in Mandarin, and the locals were hurling insults at them suggesting the protestors weren't from there and were paid.

I just can't imagine a protest in China that the NED funded orgs just let happen without deliberately fanning. Maybe it's more accurate to say the protests are 80% genuine or something like that.

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One sure hopes your analysis is correct. And there is no question the Western political elite and MSM severely exaggerated what was going on, as well as failing to mention their own massive protests of the last 2 years against the criminal lockdowns and mandates. Not mentioned by the Western thugs is that China never imposed a vaccine mandate. Reports also circulate that China banned the mRNA murder and transhumanist injections used in the West. And that color revolutions thug Soros who has caused so much chaos not just in Eastern Europe, but in the US with his funding of BLM and Antifa - was KICKED OUT of China. No wonder he calls Xi Jinping the most dangerous man on the planet.

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Great insight, Andrew.

A color Revolution in China, for those who know, is practically impossible.

The west and its media can continue with their pipe dream.

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Dec 2, 2022·edited Dec 4, 2022

1. I guess you haven't heard of Fauci's funding of Pentagon gain-of-function research via Ecohealth Alliance to the poorly ventilated Wuhan lab. Or of the Cheney scums' plan to 'ethnotarget' countries or races they want to eliminate. The plan appears to have been in effect for the last 3 decades with the Pentagon funding 300 bioweapons labs around the world including a few dozen in Ukraine (targeting Russians genetically) after Congress banned such 'research' in the US at Fort Detrick.

2. That makes the CPC's fear of having been targeted a one seriously based in reality. That's why they encouraged (NOT - AS IN THE WEF-CONTROLLED WEST - MANDATED) vaccination, plus chose lockdowns with a 'zero-covid' policy.

3. As for China bringing in a mRNA jab, we'll see. It would appear they didn't follow the American 'warp-speed' approach by which a killer/gene-mutation jab was approved by the completely captured by Pfizer FDA in 4 months (when all prior jabs took YEARS to develop), with Pfizer dismissing all deaths and injuries during the pretend trials as 'not related to the vaccine'. No wonder the FDA, with Pfizer support, demanded 75 years to release the documents of approval they approved in 4 months!!

4. That China may bring in such a jab 3 or 4 years later would suggest they are taking the time and trouble to properly test it, unlike the genocidal killers in the US FDA, CDC, NIH etc. who promised '2 weeks to flatten the curve', and of herd immunity being reached at 65% jabbed, and then we know the aftermath - never-ending boosters because the criminal jabs themselves damage immunity, hence all talk of herd immunity has vanished.

5. As for that color revolutionist POS CIA fronting thug Soros who has decimated civil society in the US with his BLM and Antifa precursors to the 'woke' and ESG (yes imported from China but with far more diabolical purpose by the WEF whom Soros, Gates, Bourla, etc front for, and which is itself another CIA op financed by the Rockefellers and Rothschilds) - he WAS NOT ALLOWED to bring similar crimes into China because the CPC kicked him out! That Russia still may have Rothschilds only proves that the US-led BULLSHIT about 'authoritarian' regimes is full of it - Putin is clearly not the Stalin he is being made out to be or he'd have wiped them out, not just kicked them out.

6. The real reason the US, including its fronted thugs like Soros, are raising hysteria about the 'China threat' is that China is already a bigger economy than the US, manufactures nearly double what the US makes, and even more 'dangerously' (for the globalist and racist scum who dominate the US) has advanced much further on high technology areas like hypersonic weapons, 5G technology, AI, robotics, probably nanotechnology, etc etc etc. That's what comes from NOT SPENDING ALL YOUR MONEY ON WARS AND WEAPONS OF MASS MURDER, WHICH IS WHAT THE US SPECIALIZES IN, WHILE ITS INFRASTRUCTURE CRUMBLES. Meanwhile China has spent $ trillion building infrastructure all across dozens of countries in the Eurasian landmass, with the BRI New Silk Road project. Whereas the US won't spend a fraction of that to rebuild crumbling US infrastructure!

7. Here's a fuller explanation of why scum like Soros decry the 'yellow peril' from China. I have cut-n-pasted from another person's reply on Quora.

"Artificial Intelligence - Pentagon’s first chief software officer Nicolas Chaillan quit his job claiming the U.S. has no fighting chance against China.

Hypersonic Missiles - China and Russia are both ahead

5G - Chinese companies own most of the patents regardless of which company implements them.

Electronic Payments - Alipay, Wechat Pay, e-CYN are far ahead of the US.

Quantum Satellite - China has a fully operational and unhackable satellite system to protect its power grid and for secure communications.

High speed rail - Fastest.

Super Computers - China holds the top spot but this fluctuates easily.

Fusion - Maybe…

Industrial Robotics - Yes since it has such a massive manufacturing sector. It’s one reason why manufacturers remain in China despite far cheaper labour elsewhere. They have more than any other country and are more advanced.

I think these areas are fairly well known.

It’s likely that China will lead on technology in most areas in the next 15–20 years. They already file the most patents and produce the most peer reviewed scientific papers.

Innovation is basically a function of R&D spending and that is a function of the amount of money poured into it, which is determined by…money."

8. BTW I've been to China and ridden on the super-new-spanking bullet trains criss-crossing across major cities at 300 kms an hour, while the US still has its 70-year shit Amtrak trains. There is also the MagLev (magnetic levitation) train in Shanghai which floats over the magnetized ground and reaches 430 kms/hr. Apparently Japan is also developing this tech, but not the warmongering US government, which is a front for the Deep State comprising the unholy trinity of BigPharma/Data/Tech/Food, the bankster complex in the Fed and Wall Street, and the MIC.

And yes - if I didn't make it clear - Soros was BOOTED OUT of China BEFORE he could unleash ULM (Uyghur Lives Matter) and other such 'viruses' in that country, which is despite its supposed 'authoritarianism', not as deeply in the pockets of the Western super-rich as the US, UK and Europe are.

You surely heard the WEF appointed c.nts Ursula van den Leyen and the German TEENAGE (sarcasm on my part) Foreign Minister who said Ukraine will get weapons and money no matter how many millions or tens of millions of Europeans protest in the streets. Yup, not a word about that in Western MSM, while they preached hysterically about the Chinese ones.

'Authoritarian regimes'???? It is not China and Russia that have a history of unending war, terror bombings and invasions, colonization.... not to mention SLAVERY! That's Mother-Fu.king Europe, Britain and their bastard child the US which has surpassed them all, having inspired the Nazis, and replaced them as what former Texan and now Donbassian Russell Bentley calls 'The Fourth Reich'.

Also the Sovs- not the US-UK alliance - defeated the Nazis, though I doubt you'd know that. And China was effortlessly, peacefully the world's biggest economy (followed by India) for 18 consecutive centuries, until the British/American/Euro trash devastated it with opium war crimes and inflicted a '100 years of humiliation'. They are now simply resuming their natural trajectory, which racist vermin in the West cannot stand, because they believe Chinks are only good for slave labor building railways or running 'No Tickee no Laundry' laundries. Same with the Orthodox Russian 'Slavs', whom Hitler wanted to enslave and loot, which is what the US-NATO current plan to destroy and quarter Russia using Ukraine as pawn is all about.

And why American aircraft carriers have been patrolling the China coasts, threatening the trillions of dollars of export shipping. So much for 'free trade' and markets..... when the Chinese beat you at it, provoke them into war...that's the 'American' way, as Iraq and Libya found out when they tried to sell their own oil in currencies other than US Petrodollars..... Authoritarian regimes indeed!

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A few facts (notably absent from our media) support Andrew's thesis: 82% of Chinese support Dynamic Covid Zero because it's extremely cost-effective (always a winning argument there):

1. Dynamic Covid Zero has proven 400% more profitable for Chinese than Let 'er Rip. (Their GDP has grown four times more than ours)

2. Dynamic Covid Zero has saved 800% more Chinese lives than Let 'er Rip. (Our 1.1 million dead vs. their 7,000)

3. Dynamic Covid Zero provides a 600% QOL improvement over Let 'er Rip. They have no real worries since only 7% of them have had quarantine experience and all testing and treatment is free.

4. Long Covid is a $3.7 trillion drag on the U.S. economy, 17% of pre-pandemic economic output, said Harvard economist David Cutler, the cost rivals of the Great Recession.


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