The second article in a row talking about the same subject (about which by the way your analysis is VERY wrong) reveals a certain obsession with Lula that in a way reveals your sympathy for former president Bolsonaro.

Anyway, Lula has already refused several times to condemn Putin and the Brazilian diplomatic team gave in because the Americans would not issue any communiqué if there was no condemnation in the text. For political reasons and to save face (returning from the USA with nothing would be a party for the opposition to call him incompetent, to use a polite term).

That's all. I am sure that the Brazilian diplomacy gave the Russians a ring and warned them "look, ignore this, it was just to make room". And so on.

(By the way, this trip was made in a hurry and because the USA really wanted him to go there before making a STATE VISIT to Xi Jinping at the end of February - Lula was in Washington for less than 48 hours, which shows the desperation of the Americans, that is the point)

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In reality, there is not much similarity between the QAnon trumpists and Lula's PT either. We have already said here that the president of Brazil has to play the tightrope walk to stay in power and that requires a realignment with the US, which can be temporary or long-term. Despite all the talk about the "Latin American giant", Brazil is still far from being able to strategically break with the West for economic, technological, military and political reasons. It is necessary, for the cause of multilateralism, to thoroughly analyze this problem and its implications for the BRICS, which are also limping on another of their legs, South Africa.

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As a big admirer of your work and also a person that dedicates most of my time analysing the politics of my country, I'd say there are many wrong points on this article.

I believe this came through sources that may be misleading you.

When you say "the Workers’ Party didn’t ever demand that Bolsonaro be investigated for refusing to condemn Russia, which proves that his decision didn’t violate the Brazilian Constitution" it demonstrates that you did not take time to read what the article says. Bolsonaro, obliged by the agro-exporter sector refrained to condemn Russia just to make the fertilizers deal. Monstha after, Brazil condemned Russia in the UN.

When article 4 is mentioned is because Brazil cannot take sides in a war, and Must work for peace ( Bolsonaro broke this tradition and a hundred others on his attempt to convert Brazil into a fundamentalist-cartel controlled state) so there is no point to represent against him with the Court "on fire".

Especially if you noticed the institutions were attacked by his Qanon-like mob, and all institutions are fighting against each other, failing to apply the law. Brazil was left in chaos in every aspect and there is a lot of data about it.

Brazil is not a hard zone like China or India, we are soft, we suffered a Coup D'etat result of Hybrid warfare that overthrew Dilma ( Bolsonaro and his supporters never acknowledged that, because they are totally pro-USA, except for their psychological indisposition regarding trump defeat, for every other aspect, for them Brazil should be the 58th state of the USA) after this coup, Brazil descended into chaos, and an ex-terrorist as Bolsonaro (judged and jailed for terrorism against the army) a notorious scoundrel accused of all sorts of diffuse corruption came into power.

Now, The Judiciary Power is not respected by the comprador generals, the Congress is full of fanatics of extreme-right, corrupt, and half of the population did not realise Lula was persecuted by lawfare.

Now I ask you: how do you think we could clash with the Us?

We cannot. We are debilitated. We need to play a role of dialogue... I'd love it if my country would be able to kick the US off of the country, but unfortunately, due to a devastating hybrid war against us, we cannot.

Lula's victory over Bolsonaro was a miracle, he used the money of the republic, intimidated adversaries with violence, and used the shills he nominated to Justice to protect all his mafia. There are 34 million Brazilians starving. And Lula must to take care of them while fighting against oligarchies, "bolsonazis", other political forces with blood in their eyes, and our oligarchic press. He is on a tightrope. Fragile.

So, please, would be great if you take these aspects into consideration as well.

Please, let me know if I can provide you with any information or point to any reliable source for you.

Thank you.


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The Workers Party became some kind of a branch of the Democratic Party and Lula is clearly playing along but I’m still not seeing that kind of alignment that this article is accusing. Food for thought but needs a little bit of time to payoff.

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"they deplored Russia's violation of Ukraine's territorial integrity and annexation of parts of its territory as flagrant violations of international law and called for a just and lasting peace"...

Is this "fierce condemnations"?!

The author is the one who makes fierce condemnations against Lula... Why? I'm yet to find out, soon!

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