"What’s so significant about this is that it marks an inflection point in the information warfare dimension of the Ukrainian Conflict whereby global perceptions have unmistakably shifted in a direction that’s “politically inconvenient” for elite warmongers and their crazed supporters. That was already an emerging trend prior to his poll but is now irreversible, thus derailing the unprecedented efforts to manipulate the global public and especially those in the Golden Billion into supporting this proxy war despite the cost, including the credible risk of an apocalyptic Russian-US nuclear war."


This is the bottom line that aptly proves the insanity of the warmongers in the west.

Fucking Dr. Strangelove insanity!


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Very interesting piece, Andrew. I was not aware of Musk's $$$ to Ukraine's satellite/information ability. Or should we say, the USA's use of those satellite links in their war on Russia. I just wish people would stop talking about Armageddon, especially the USA and it's sickening vassals who are gaslighting the world. The more they talk and prepare, the more likely the unthinkable is plausible.

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Gaylon Musk should stick to failing to send people on Mars.

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Musk's proposal was entirely reasonable, and seems to be about where Russia is heading: consolidate lines, move over to the defensive, let some credible international effort be made to confirm the Novorussia referenda, and leave what's left of Ukraine with the 'play stupid games, win stupid prizes' lesson, and NATO can just BTFO.

I hope he has excellent personal security, because the true Evi and malicel of the Regime is boundless.

And, BTW, fsck Ukraine.

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