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I detect some anti-China bias in this and other articles.... China is mostly resuming its natural economic dominance/magnitude, not seeking to become another US or UK like global superpower based on colonial plunder. I am Indian-born, but cannot ignore that China has developed to a level of sophistication in manufacturing and infrastructure that India is a long way from rivalling. And China's economy is several times larger. India is very important in the global move to multipolarity however, for somewhat different reasons, in my opinion. As a former British colony with the world's largest population - it is key to ensuring that countries in Africa and Asia who are also (like India) being threatened with sanctions and 'consequences' (like Saudi Arabia) stay defiant of US orders. If India were to buckle to US pressure, that would lead to a sequence of collapsing 'dominoes', thereby also rendering Russia more dependent on China, which is itself being threatened in the Taiwan Strait, and damaged with the new restrictions on access to chip technology (which I believe the CPC is already locating solutions for, including domestic development). So India is very important to send a message to the US-NATO axis of declining hegemony and colonial plunder, that vast swathes of the increasingly powerful third world are seeking a new world, free or freer of domination by the US, Britain and Europe.

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