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Google is making a game effort to deceive people into thinking that CNN still has an audience. I just did a Google Search to see how CNN compared to other networks. What did I find? I "learned" that 87% of its viewers TRUST what they see on CNN. After several attempts to learn whether CNN has kept pace with Hallmark, I found that nine of the ten top-rated television news shows are on FOX News. MSNBC's Rachel Maddow's program came in fifth and the highest-rated CNN program (Anderson Cooper 360) came in 25th with less than a million viewers.

Do nearly 40% of Americans REALLY think Biden is doing a good job? Is inflation really under 9%. Are "ultra-MAGA" patriots actually a greater danger to the nation than radical Islam (or the Biden Crime Family)?

We have reached a time where it is impossible to trust the State Media.

I'm getting a copy of HYBRID WARS. Keep up the good work, Andrew.

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