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"...Armenian and Azerbaijani leaders agreed on a regional connectivity corridor but still disagree over what to call it."


This site can’t be reachedCheck if there is a typo in www.rt.com.


Oh, for Chrisesake... How the hell can it hurt British interests for people to find out what the Azeris and Armenians are calling each other?

We can't get RT in the UK. Can you give us an analogous link, please? (Probably not, because not many warmonger-approved 'news' outlets are going to know as much as RT (if anything) about how ex-Soviet peoples relate to each other. Ignorance is bliss (for some), I guess.)

"They all need one another since Eurasia can’t be successfully integrated without all these countries’ equal participation."

Yeah, that's just the sort of thing warmongers don't like.

"Georgia can also play a positive role..."

And that's got to be right out!

They didn't get Saakachvili to start a war for nothing.

"What’s most important at this moment is for them to continue cooperating in pursuit of this grand strategic goal, though crucially without any of them pressuring the other nor submitting to Western pressure to sanction Russia."

Jeez, what the hell are you talking about?! Sounds like lose-lose for the warmongers all 'round.

You must have been reading something dangerous, or something; snorting some anti-LGBTQX+4÷3MyTransSpace nonsense, or something like that...

"...it’s to be expected that the US will continue trying to divide-and-rule them through increasingly creative means."

Yeah, but zero is zero, as in zero-sum, so no degree of creativity can make something out of that.

But you're right about the need for optimism to be cautious.

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