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Yes, absolutely. This EC gets it's orders from the same globalist Super-Rich elite which is behind the US-NATO war against Russia, which along with China, Iran, Venezuela and Cuba refuses to follow it's orders - so has been vilified, targeted and punished with sanctions and other criminal acts such as regime change ops and most recently sabotage of critical infrastructure.

The EU has no democracy but has its policies forced on them by the bureaucratic/technocratic elite installed in Brussels, led by the CIA-controlled WEF which has installed 'young leader's puppets who don't care about their populations.

The covid Scamdemic and lockdowns were a brazen instance of the dictatorship Western populations have endured with the fake medical pretext, with clear evidence of the Pentagon bioweapon used to force depopulation and transhumanist objectives of this elite, which regards the vast majority of humans as 'useless eaters'.

The EC President Ursula ..Leyen openly expressed frustration with the Nuremberg code against medical experimentation which is what mRNA technology is. And recently with threats to cut off funding to states like Hungary and Italy whose voters rule the wrong way.

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Can psychology explain why people do so many weird things on the internet?

Psychology can provide accurate explanations to why people behave in a certain way online just as much as it can in real life. For most people who would form the subject for this question, the Internet is “real" life. In reality, the Internet only offers an easy medium for particular psychological characteristics, such as narcissism, aggression, selfishness and boorishness, to flourish. It seems that brain sees the Internet as a safe and private environment in which there are no rules of behaviour that need to be observed. It is, of course, quite the opposite, but just like road rage, the brain believes that because such behaviour is apparently contained in the device through which it takes place, there can be no consequences.

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Why are there so many weird people on the internet?

There were ALWAYS weird people in the world - a lot of them. In fact, most of the people in the world are weird. 75–90% of them in fact. (Actually more like 100%)

But before the internet came along, they mostly kept to themselves, and didn’t bother anyone, because when they did, they got told “YOU’RE WEIRD, GET AWAY FROM ME YOU FREAK!”

Now? Now they can post answers on forums, tweet, write long, rambling diatribes on Facebook and no one can stop them.

It’s essentially a place for weirdos, freaks, losers, sluts, burnouts, whack-jobs and lunatics to come together. (Or - as I like to refer to them collectively : the human race).

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Do you agree with the recognition of the right to self determination

Do you agree that the people are sovereign?

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