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India is not at alone the driver for a multipolar world. It is in this prosject together with Russia and China. So to make it the leading model for the world, is not constructive.

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I see your point, but Russia and China are in very different international positions compared to India. They're already established powers with global influence to varying extents, while India is still an emerging one whose global reach is only just now beginning to be felt.

India inaugurated the Voice Of Global South (VOGS) Summit in January 2023 where it sought feedback from fellow developing countries about how best to champion their shared interests during its G20 chairmanship last year.

It's therefore already proven that it's the leader of those countries, or at least most of them, hence the precedent for predicting that its model of competition could end up being emulated by many others too.

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I still believe you are exaggerating the role of India. It is still wavering in it's ineternational and dometic politics. But it has the biggest population as single country in the world and has a record in the history of nonaligned countries. But If we shall reach a multipolar world, it has to align with Russia, China and the rest of Brics/SCO etc. A singlegoing India will not accomplish this.

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