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"...a liberal dystopia that harbors foreign terrorists and is plagued by ethnic crime."

"...the government is aware of this, but does nothing since it benefits from both."

Everyone is aware of this. Why did you think the West is losing? Бог все видит.

'Benefit' can be a difficult thing for people (humans) to perceive, understand and define.

And even if they work very hard at it and do sometimes seem to be able to ascertain what is of real benefit, and what is not, all too often they discover they were wrong after all.

"the second has become a rogue state."

All the states which might once have been considered to enjoy benefit without commensurate loss are at best dysfunctional, with many gradually turning rogue. The United States, United Kingdom and other ex-English colonies, like Canada and Australia, are at the forefront of this process; having earlier been supported by other ex-colonies, like India, some seem now to be applying brakes (Just in time!) before continuing a mad sprint down a(n apparently) primrose path.

"...extremist people who openly advocate..."

This is the core of the (neo-)liberal(ist) agenda: promoting (sexual) deviation and decline from healthy societal order and progressive development (into chaos).

"...toxic combination of issues and people who have found operating space there..."

Yes, that's how it works.

"These two stances predate all aspects of the Indian-Canadian dispute and therefore extend credence to Delhi’s latest criticisms of Ottawa."

Those are not the only two. Many see, few have yet felt so emboldened to call it out thus. There will be more (soon).

"...epic mistake for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau..."

Yeah, he's demonstrated quite a knack for that recently: «Seig!» — «Heil!» right in parliament... Ooops!

"...immense harm to its global reputation."

Oh, they're doing a pretty good job at that themselves, even without Jaishankar's help (but 'Thanks!' anyway).

"...where everyone supposedly lives in unparalleled bliss..."

And drag queens in Montreal are allowed and enabled, if not actively encouraged, to teach genuinely vulnerable pubescent and adolescent people and children with Down's syndrome to explore their sexuality. It's true. Just because Google's hidden it doesn't mean it didn't happen.

"...the government is aware of this, but does nothing since it benefits from both."

Yeah... There's this question around 'benefit' (see above).

"...radical liberal perversion..."


"...radical liberal perversion..." "...Canada’s 'original sin'..." "...ideological radicals..." "...liberal pretexts..." "...perverted related concepts..." "...hoodwinked most of the world..."

"...Trudeau provoked India’s top diplomat into shedding light on some of these dark truths."

Just like America's imminent invasion through the Ukraine provoked Russia.

What goes round comes round.

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