And now, with Saudi Arabia publicly tilting toward Iran as the United States sends another Carrier Strike Group toward Israel, what of India's principled neutrality?



Another step down the slippery slope toward Armageddon...

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"On the issue of how we see Hamas, for example…As you are aware, the designation of a terrorist organization under Indian laws is a legal matter"

This statement, which all states from Russia to the US propound, is profoundly wrong. Hamas is not a terrorist organization--it is a *political* organization holding state power in Gaza and contending for it in all Palestine. It is a thoroughly reactionary theocratic-nationalist fascist theocratic movement, with nothing to learn from the repression specialists of Israel or Iran. It's attack into Israel is indeed terrorist, because intended to provoke grotesque Israeli terrorism by terrorizing the Israeli civilian population. It's war merits equal and absolute condemnation with Israel's war against all Palestine.

Also, statements from Russia, India et. al. "standing on UN Security Council Res. 242" for negotiations toward a "two state" settlement are empty, alibi-ing, rhetoric. Negotiations with Palestine will only be possible once the only uncompromised Palestinian leader, Marwan Barghouti, is freed from Israeli prison and new West Bank (and Gaza, if it still exists) elections are held. Any state that does not loudly and consistently demand this is an ally of Netanyahoo.

Also the statements from Russia, India, et./

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