A little harsh, IMO.

Odessa isn't an obcession. It really is a lot more imortant than Kharkov.

The Black Sea has been central to Russia since the Crimean War 1853-6 and for good reason.

If Russia land locks Ukraine, Kharkov becomes irrelavent.

Ukraine can cut off Russian pipelines to Southeast Europe and American Oil will like that but there are still feeds to Germany and Turkey as well as other petro markets.

The Russians may have been caught napping but the NATO-Ukrainian "spectacular gains" are really more dog and pony show than anything concrete, Ukraine being so desperate for a face saving victory as to attack where least expected simply because Kharkov was a stupid place to attack to begin with.

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Wars are inherently unpredictable, especially peer to peer wars. It could be that this conflict could end in disaster for Russia. Who knows, although given Russia's superior military size that is unlikely (unless, of course, Russian incompetence and mismanagement squanders this advantage). But I'm beginning to see that Russia operates very differently from the US & West who are fixated with big decisive gains. I could be wrong, but Russia's approach appears to be very different. Their priority seems focussed on the big picture, towards which they are prepared to work slowly and methodically, accepting losses and humiliations along the way.

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Oh boy, you're killing me 😂

Now, Andrew, be honest: you're just pulling a prank on us, right? Not even in Russia anybody would write something like that: I got you!

Anyway, you made my day... thanks for the laughs! After all the excitement the last four days, this was greatly relaxing... thanks again!

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