"...Russia believes that it[Palestine]’s just as much to blame for everything as Israel is."

No: "...resulting from chronic failure to comply with the corresponding resolutions of the UN and its Security Council ..."

But, more specifically: "...the blocking by the West..."

"...it still reveals a lot about Russia’s approach..."

Nothing new there, as far as I can see.

"...President Putin strongly backs Israel’s right to defend itself, especially against what its leadership considers to be terrorism..."

Yeah, well, it would be hard to hide from why he might feel particularly sensitive on that particular issue. That's not to say he's wrong, and I should think the Chinese would certainly agree with him. This is (now) perhaps the most urgent reason why the UN is in such desperate need of a re-boot. This should, actually, help to get things moving along a bit more quickly there, driving the stake through the vampire's heart.

"Killing and kidnapping unarmed settlers-civilians, particularly children, is unacceptable in his view."

I can't imagine many would argue with that.

"...implement relevant UNSC Resolutions..."

And the other part, the important part, of that explanation is that this is the only way to resolve the situation. Oh, if only America had done something to deserve some of the Exceptionalism they seemed to have so deeply and steadfastly believed they deserved... None of this, and nothing in the Donbass or Ukraine, would have happened as it has. That's the key: this is America's fault.The world needs a united nations- or league of nations-type organisation. I'm sure the Chinese understand this; it's just a question of helping the Americans come to terms with it (while finishing off the driving of the stake through the heart).

"...just as much to blame..."

Well, yes and no: that's something like believing the woman who placates and contents herself with her dysfunctional marriage by hurting the husband who beats her while he's asleep (I've known this to happen: he used to wake up wondering how the hell he'd come off so badly in the fight he'd had the night before, the details of which he couldn't remember, because his wife had hit him with a frying pan, and once broken his jaw, while he was asleep.) is just as much to blame as the man who beats her — yes and no.

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Russia is very much a big power and adheres to the modes of big-power politics. These modes have very little to do with morality, ethical considerations, right and wrong, oppressor and oppressed, occupier and ethnically cleansed, etc. This is “realpolitik.”

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