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I'm in my 60's, live in Ohio, and JD Vance was the first Republican Senate candidate I ever voted for, for one, and only one, reason. During a debate with his Democratic opponent(who campaigned on Be Afraid of China! and had a record of never seeing a war he didn't enthusiastically support), Vance was asked about Ukraine.

He said his family lived in Ohio, he was opposed to doing anything that might get Ohio nuked, and didn't care who ruled in Ukraine when we had so many problems here at home. So I took a chance and voted for the guy, and he has kept his word on the only reason I voted for him in the first place--he has steadfastly opposed funding for the proxy war.

Just by keeping that one promise, JD Vance has already kept more promises made to people like me than Obama and Biden did during 11 years in the White House, which should tell you something about the state of America's politics.

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