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The former Mi-6 handler of Alexey Navalny, Maria Pevchikh, a known British asset, has now been put in charge of a terrorist cell in Vilnius, and has been recruiting young Russians from the Navalny organisation, paid for by the millions of dollars from the Academy Awards from the fictitious Navalny movie. The old "White Helmets" trick.

The girl who perpetrated the St. Petersburg bombing was obviously groomed for the hit, and known operatives were outside filming the entire operation. Pevchih closely works with the Bellingcat Organisation, and agent Christo Grozev went on to British Sky News, after the attack, to say that the bombing was a "legitimate target".

The same Maria Pevchikh operation is also suspected to have been involved with the recent deadly attack near Belgarod.

If anyone has their doubts, there was a video with Pevchikh and Hillary Clinton whooping it up together after the Oscars.

For those who don’t know, Pevchikh was the actual brains of the Navalny investigations, living in London and using the mud from British intelligence to attack the reputation of many Russian identities.

Pevchikh is also suspected of the Navalny “poisoning” and had the magic power to fly across 4 time zones from Omsk to Berlin allegedly with Novichulk laced bottle in her carry on luggage.

TASS reported on May 6 that The Ministry of Justice has declared Maria Pevchikh, Georgy Alburov and others to be Foreign Agents.

"Journalist Alexander Sosnowski has a theory about the group behind the St. Petersburg terrorist attack." with Eng. Subs.

https://youtu.be/3KX55ovAr0Q via @YouTube

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