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You know things are bad when a ghoulish old toad like "kill anything that moves" Henry is sold as a peace broker. Sometimes I think this reality is a bad joke.

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For as atrocious as his human rights record is, he's nevertheless always been held in the highest of regard and with the deepest respect by the Chinese establishment, which appreciates the role that he played half a century ago in improving ties with the US.

They separate what he's done elsewhere from his historic role in Chinese-US relations, which is why they always roll out the red carpet for him and still consider him to be a bridge between their countries, thus explaining why they just hosted him yet again.

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This was an outstanding post. I learned so much!

Do you think the Chinese Defense Minister’s “not picking up the phone” when General Austin called him after the balloon incident has anything at all to do with General Austin announcing early in the Ukraine war that in continuing to supply arms to Ukraine the US intended to emasculate Russia to the point that they could not carry out another war like the present one? I know I was furious at him at the time because all I wanted was a ceasefire and for the killing to stop. It appeared that General Austin had spoken out of turn in saying what it now appears was the quiet part out loud, as the US government spokespersons after that played down what he had said.

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