Nov 26, 2022·edited Nov 26, 2022

Ritter made no mistake.

1. NATO information is available in real time to all.

2. NATO knew what happened.

1+2 = Poland and Any NATO country (military) knew what happened in real time.

Trying to ignore the obvious is absurd. Or you are conceding that in Poland the information between different departments of the government is poor. You chose to call someone out instead calling your government out: they knew and they still acted like “unknowing people” or they put the world on the brink of nuclear war by their own incompetence.

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yes, at first Poland sounded very certain it was Russia and they wanted revenge. I think I read they ahve 60K troops in Ukraine, and they are racists and russophobes. I ahave to go to bed now. There will be many things we cannot know end new info challenges us all. Scott is so sensored he has been piecemealing where he can, talking where ever he can. I do not think it is helping his focus.

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Looks like his piece was written a week ago.

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