The Government’s defiance of western sanctions on oil and defence trade is understandable in terms of defending India’s national interests. However, it is harder to correlate Mr. Modi’s comments, and External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar’s remarks, on adherence to the UN charter and the importance of protecting territorial sovereignty while India continues to abstain on all votes that criticise Russia’s actions in Ukraine: including the bombing of civilians, and the annexation of occupied territories.”

The Hindu’s editorial therefore implies that India is behaving very hypocritically, with the innuendo being that nobody can take it seriously as a result. The reality is the opposite, however. There’s a more urgent need for truly neutral players nowadays than ever before considering how intense the New Cold War has become, especially after President Putin’s revolutionary manifesto from 30 September. By abstaining from the vote in question, India reaffirmed its neutral credentials instead of eroded them.

The global systemic transition to multipolarity is rapidly evolving from its present bi-multipolar intermediary phase towards tripolarity and ultimately complex multipolarity (“multiplexity”) a lot quicker than anyone expected. This is the direct result of India decisively intervening to become Russia’s alternative valve from Western pressure in order to preemptively avert its potentially disproportionate dependence on China, thus setting into motion a chain reaction of grand strategic consequences.

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One certainly hopes it won't. But this shows how deep the West's tentacles have taken root in India.....

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