My brother's wife is Brazilian. She likes Lulu because they didn't have a health care system, apparently, before he came to power (and now they do, apparently). I rather suspect her liking, like so many who like politicians for similar reasons, might not weather much assault very well.

"...it makes sense for them to bar the same man who almost half the country already voted for."

Uuhhh, not really. Brazilians, like most humans, don't like to be surreptitiously bullied. (I don't think many mammals like it, actually; there's good evidence to show it pisses chimps off.) This is just the sort of thing that could prove a fatal miscalculation for them.

"...they’ll now have to choose a new leader to rally around instead of relying on Bolsonaro..."

Why? Lulu made a comeback out of prison. You think it's going to be much more difficult for Bolsonaro to do the same, only less dramatically (He's not in prison.) with at least half (and arguably more) of the population behind him? And this is all before Lulu even gets to mid-term; and he's hitched his wagon to the ill-fated Biden administration (and he's no bloody good at his job). There's something of a logic disconnect going on here.

"...Lula and his US allies do indeed expect that the ruling party will struggle to retain the presidency."

Yeah, well, if I were a gambling man... Ill-fated though they may be, I'd put money on their expectations.

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Of course they can't beat Bolsonaro, especially after the absolute disastrous 4-years run Lula is having at the moment, and they know it. Sadly for them, he has already put forward the candidacy of Tarcisio Gomes, the governor of São Paulo, along with that of his own wife as the Vice-President.

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The globalists like Lula and yet when he met Zelensky, their poster-child, he disrespected Lula very blatantly!

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