I suppose Lula got some ice-cream from Joe... atta boy!

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The great difficulty of the Lula government, also in the international sphere, was already expected. The Empire, in addition to having fixed its control over Brazil, now has access, through a large door, to everything that happens in the BRICS. I will not be surprised if Brazil begins to lose importance in the Great South, at a speed inversely proportional to the transformation of BRICS into BRICS PLUS.

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I am Brazilian and have been supporting and voted for Lula, this damned deal with Joe sounds like a betrayal of confidence in Brazil as a important pole of a multipolar world. His administration is doomed to fail as well as his administration pact with the devils of financial capital.

This is sad, the popular confidence he has got will fade in the air...

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Lula is a shame ! His position on the U.S. doesn't leave me surprised because I never expected much from him. Brazilians in general are incomprehensible to me. Lula has an inferiority complex with his northern neighbors and is not even ashamed to show him by demeaning himself to this point as he had already done when he had meeting with then-President Obama. His words in the interview he gave Glen Greenwald at the time are enchanted to be heard by the president of America. It's this dazzle that loses him. Let's have no doubt that Lula is another Zelenski to work for the U.S. Meanwhile, Dilma already has a guaranteed place in the bank that will deal with the finances of the BRICS and thus infiltrate so people submissive the key institutions of the BRICS. Put order in this house so it doesn't finish before it starts

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Lula is doing just what our constitutional says:

Art. 4 The Federative Republic of Brazil is governed in its international relations by the following principles:

I - national independence;

II - prevalence of human rights;

III - self-determination of peoples;

IV - non-intervention;

V - equality among States;

VI - defense of peace;

VII - peaceful resolution of conflicts;

VIII - repudiation of terrorism and racism;

IX - cooperation between peoples for the progress of humanity;

X - granting of political asylum.

Single paragraph. The Federative Republic of Brazil will seek the economic, political, social and cultural integration of the peoples of Latin America, aiming at the formation of a Latin American community of nations.

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The author's political analysis is mostly wrong. In all his pronouncements, Lula makes his neutrality in relation to the war in Ukraine very clear...

After leaving the meeting with Biden, he responded to journalists saying that the war must end. At no point did he "severely condemn" Russia! He just said that he doesn't think it's right to invade Ukraine, just as he doesn't think it's right to interfere in Venezuela (stinging the US!).

Lula's neutrality makes explicit his non-submission, contrary to the vassals of the Empire: France, Germany, England...

Lula did not "seal a deal with the devil". But, he will seal several deals with "god", on his next trip which is to China.

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Wow - great points - Well done.

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Lula is also playing the public game of rhetoric. A photo op with Biden and a “no” to the Pentagon’s request to ship weapons to Ukraine.

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I don't think condemning Russia is any great capitulation for the left, America has tons of flaws and lots of responsibility for all kinds of messes, but that doesn't make Putin a saint. He's more National Socialist than International Socialist, similarly to Trump and Bolsonaro. I'm not really the left, but I would condemn any of them for a dollar, and throw in Biden and Xi for free. Which sounds like what Lula did, I'm not sure what game he's playing but I trust him and Sanders more than the rest of that lot, if not completely.

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This time the author is totally wrong. Very disappointing. No more reads.

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I just believe that president Lula is in a very difficult situation re the West and the Eurasia and Global South. We have to wait and see. I prefer to understand that Lula da Silva was very wise and bright.

At last I beleive Lula will make the difference by being on the side for a multi polar world.

Don't forget that Lula is for a new currency (bye bye petro dollars) among the BRICS. Moreover his "turned " to Asia and the Global South.

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