He has reason to fear the Americans. It was them that had him locked up on fake charges. Whether it is wise to show that fear with a European style groveling session is another matter.

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Who on earth will mediate between the US and China?

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AnonymousFeb 12

Inferiority complex plus corrupt nature equals treason. I am afraid that Lula might be BRIC’s Trojan horse

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Biden endorsed Lula over Bolsonaro. That says it all.

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"Brazil is literally half a world away... ", as the author admits, and, for the foreseeable future, in us sphere of influence. Balancing acts, even clumsy ones, will be necessary steps toward Lula political, and physical, survival for the duration of the presidency, We know how it ended before\nearby and so should Lula...

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Feb 12·edited Feb 12

Lula is playing Russian Roulette if he thinks that he can play a geopolitical double game like India and Turkey are doing.

Appeasing America and parroting its rhetoric about the Ukraine proxy War against Russia will yield no geopolitical advantage in the long-run for Lula. Rather it will discredit Brazil's stated opposition to America's unipolar dominance of the world.

In fact, America will backstab its "democratic allies" sooner or later if they disobey US dictates.

That's the way the Rules-Based International Order really works: America makes the rules, and orders you around.

Simply put, America cannot be trusted. Period. Full Stop.

As the Russians like to say, the USA is "non-agreement capable."

Or better yet, as Mr. Putin has explicitly stated, America and the collective West are the Empire of Lies.

One of the best examples of this treachery is America staging a terrorist attack on the Nordstream 2 pipeline to sabotage the energy supply of its supposed ally, Germany.

If America is willing to commit terrorism against its close "ally" of Germany, you can be sure that it will turn on any and all other nations as well. Including Brazil.

"How America Took Out The Nord Stream Pipeline"


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Misguided political analysis of Lula's strategies...

The most interesting thing is that one of the most brilliant geopolitical analysts - Pepe Escobar - is Brazilian. And because he has not lived outside Brazil for several years, he does not dare to give an opinion on Brazilian politics.

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As I said before, Lula is Brazil's Amlo. Just take a look at the recent meetings between the Mexican leader and Cuba's President Miguel Díaz-Canel. BTW, the UN is already calling for another "humanitarian" invasión of Haiti, perhaps Lula is interested in providing troops again in order to show that Brazil is a responsible emerging power.

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Lula just proved himself to be a US puppet, with strings going via DC straight to the MIC. Keep in mind, that for at least last 30 years our govt is not what you see in DC. Our govt is in Pentagon. DC does as Pentagon says. The overblown military runs the show. This is how empires die.

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