Capitalism always prioritises profit over anything else, up to and including the security of the state.

Outsourcing military industrial capacity to the likes of Raytheon and Lockheed Martin was always going to end in the Pentagon buying massively complex, yet high margin junk from these companies in order to sustain stock prices.

Truly under capitalism, everything holy becomes profane.

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All these NATO nations and especially America are not "defensive" in nature.

They are aggressive in nature, as they have waged multiple wars of aggression for decades--all of which are based on lies such as humanitarian intervention, Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq, fighting terrorism, or the Mother-of-All-Lies called defending freedom and democracy.

So if these NATO nations are whining about losing the logistics race, that is a positive development.

Too bad, so sad.

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usa really is a "paper tiger"..

no planes.. "..United States will not provide the F-16 fighter jets that Ukraine has sought..": https://www.nasdaq.com/articles/biden-says-no-f-16s-for-ukraine-as-russia-claims-gains

no tanks.. "..Ukraine Is Getting American M-1 Tanks. It Might Take A While ..get versions of the tank without the mesh ..Poland ordered those 116 ..firm to ..remove the uranium ..deadline for the work is December 2023. It’s not clear General Dynamics can work any faster..": https://www.forbes.com/sites/davidaxe/2023/01/25/ukraine-is-getting-american-m-1-tanks-it-might-take-a-while/

no ammunition.. "..US plans to buy 100,000 rounds of artillery ammo from South Korea for Ukraine..": https://www.cnn.com/2022/11/11/politics/us-artillery-south-korea-ukraine/index.html "..Canada asks S.Korea for ..155-millimetre ..artillery shells to Ukraine..": https://www.reuters.com/world/having-shipped-artillery-shells-ukraine-canada-asks-skorea-more-2022-05-30/

no missiles.. "..U.S. officials told Kyiv’s representatives that it doesn’t have any Army Tactical Missile Systems to spare..": https://www.politico.com/news/2023/02/13/u-s-wont-send-long-range-missiles-ukraine-00082652

just talk..

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Am I wrong thinking that ammunition, fuel, and spare parts are an heavy industry/low ROI/high environmental cost enterprise? Unfortunately for NATO this is another consequence of western deindustrialization. Additionally US\European weapon industry aimed for 40+ years to a high tech\high cost model, with enormous returns due to a restricted market forced to buy jewelry - regardless of performances - to clean WC, so to speak... Stoltenberg is mis-informed or naive if he thinks that this is going to change in months; the process of rebuilding an attrition war industry and the related supply chains will take years and immense wealth sacrifices

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NATO out!

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