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"...the US’ permanent policymaking bureaucracy is still a threat..."

Gee, I seem to remember somewhere, not very far away, someone saying something like, 'Once a vampire always a vampire...' Not that I'd say, 'Told you so!' or anything like that, of course...

"...pragmatic rivals having regained their influence in guiding bilateral relations."

Yeah, right!

Simple question: have they had stakes driven through their perverted and shrivelled hearts?

"...supreme balancing force..."

'Supreme' is such a troubling word: in the context of India it just smacks of the Raj and antiquated ambition; in the contemporary context, oh the stench of exceptionalism!

"India’s desired role will help stabilize International Relations."

OK, and how might those whose role in this isn't supreme regard it?

"...US tacitly decided..."

Yeah right, now, about vampires and their tacit decisions...

Let's go back to trust and narcissism — the NEED to be exceptional.

''...Obama’s ominous words...'

Now, hang on, isn't this the guy who accepted a Nobel Prize not for anything he'd ever done, but simply for who his parents were? Isn't that something like discrimination? Wouldn't that be something like hypocrisy? Wouldn't that discredit Nobel and all the work ever done by him and in his name?

Now, you had something to say about 'ominous' words?

Nothing like 'awesome' or 'perfect' or 'incredible' or 'amazing' any of those other poor words which have been hijacked and betrayed — used, abused, castrated and thus sterilised — by the contemporary vernacular?

"...never forgive India..."

Well, 'never' is an awfully long time. 'Nothing ever lasts forever.'

It's only for as long as the vampire in question hasn't been put to rest with a stake through its perverted and shrivelled heart.

"...Obama’s latest remarks..."

Funny, you write that as if anyone might ever have taken anything he had to say seriously.

The only thing of significance I can remember him saying was something about how he'd (something like) '...made Russia's economy in tadders.' Then I realised, 'He means 'tatters'!' I'd never really taken anything he did or said before that seriously, and I certainly couldn't imagine how anyone might after that.

Oh yeah, no, I remember: his was the '...biggest and best hammer in the world looking for nails to solve problems...' idea, wasn't it? Yeah, truly worthy of a Nobel Prize, veritably an intellectual giant! Isn't he the guy who put Vicky into the Ukraine?

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