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Korybko asserts:

"To that end, while it superficially condemns Russia at the UN in order to signal its alignment with the US’ so-called “rules-based order”, Israel in practice refuses to sanction Russia or send arms to Ukraine. This balanced approach proves that it doesn’t want to take anyone’s side, instead hoping to deftly multi-align between all relevant parties in pursuit of maximizing its strategic autonomy exactly as India has masterfully done, although Israel’s emulation of that policy is admittedly a lot clumsier"

However, what Korybko fails to mention is that "Multi-Alignment" itself is an Orwellian weasel word concept that foreign policy taking-heads and regime mouthpieces promote when their countries engage in what should be more honestly called: Playing All Sides Against Each Other.

This type of geopolitical Double Game is played firstly by India, Turkey, and now apparently Israel, as evidenced by their "Multi-Alignment" euphemisms they spout to justify this cynical game.

That fact that supposed objective and critically-minded foreign policy experts (cough, Korybko) also parrot these "multi-alignment" weasel words, instead of calling a spade a spade, says alot about their honesty--or lack thereof.

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While I was concerned with the Russian response to what appears to be a US encouraged bombing of an Iranian facility in the past two days, it is actually quite a mild rebuke.

The author points out that the UN representative would not make remarks not coordinated with Russia foreign policy. Russia runs a balancing act between Iran and Israel. Indeed the only country to do so save minor interactions that the UAE also does. One must remember that Russia has multilayer relations with Israel from lineage, history, financial, hi tech and custodial relations with Orthodox church properties and last but not least a huge Russian presence that helped turn Israel into the "start up nation". Essentially Russian brains with western capital.

However Russia regards Iran as a strategic partner in it's fight to protect Russian integrity against western aggression and aspirational quest to conquer and dismantle the country. There is historical precedent written on this subject.

Iran is also an absolute pillar in the North South transportation corridor connecting Russia with India and the India ocean.

Russia will not allow anything to happen to Israel unless (in my opinion) Israel is pressured by the US or their neocon counterparts in Israel to sever relations with Russia. It cannot be ignored that the US foreign policy establishment would like nothing better and will continue to attempt to make Israeli Russia relations uncomfortable and disruptive.

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I don‘t think Russia imports Iranian drones to use in Ukraine. It would long have been spotted and compromised. Same as US buying ammo in Korea. I would assume they are produced in Russia under license. Iran has admitted delivering a few before SMO began.

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