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So, Poland wants the EU to protect it from "imperial Geramns" but doesn't want the Euro?

Oh, that's rich!

Anbd then, discovers that big countries are big an dlittle countries are little, Eu or no EU.

The outrage?

No, Poland, it wasn't just Catherine that partitioned POland but Austria and Prussia too because Poland was a major nuisance at the time and remained so troughout the 19th Century even after te partition.

In fact, Pisudsky referred to a "fourth partition" which was pretty much what happend because of the ridiculous Polish Corridor and Danzig.

Poland just wants to eat it cake and have it too while U.S. and NATO pay the bills.

It appears, more than anything else, that a "multipolar" Europe is in the making too as the the "United Staes of Europe" isn't making out any better than the American which is also cracking up.

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