Yes, but calling American Imperialists "racists" is troublesome even if they are.

There's a double meaning here, as the American Imperialists call their oppoents "racists", too, which they are, to the exent of defending the Traditional American race and values from the polyglot open borders Soros Imperialists.

If Dugin and Putin think Trump was the harbringer of a more multipolar world, understand, that he was denounced as "rasicst" too, which he was. He never acknowledged the war on Whites and sucked up to minorities like any RINO Republican or Democrat.

"All Lives Matter" is really just a cop out and spineless Republcians know it or they wouldn't do it.

A nation state is also a racial state. Han China in particular has no qualms about it. Putn doesn't either hence, his Russian language perogative.

True enough, many nation states are hardly as homogeneous as China, but there are also a dominant race in them or they are polyglot imperial contraptions like Ottoman America and Europe are becoming.

It's difficult to propoose a revolutionary new world order while hanging onto "nazi" and "racist" baggage which really have no meaning anymore other than to degrade Putin's truly great mind, likely enough, trolling for bottom feeder support (I would hope that's all it is!)

The science is in. The great equalitarian experiment in America has failed as "diveristy" always has i.e., it is politically factional and incourages foreign intrigue. Who'd have thought?

Imperial rule, on the other hand, is a very demanding challenge which succeeds only when it has a capable emporer ready to deal successfully with every problem within confiens that are not obvious.

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One can write whatever scenario might be more likely and cite all fronts participating in this game with their relative weight and "calculate" the possible outcome.

Which still would mean forgetting the REAL INTERESTS in THE GRAND GAME being played over centuries or even millennia. FIAT CURRENCY AND THE GLOBAL FINANCIAL SYSTEM at the BRINK OF BANKRUPTCY are the catch words one should research. Rather than "morally laden" strategies being drawn up by benevolent/malevolent emperors/tsars.

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You make it sound like China isn't trying to replace the USA as the world's sole hegemon. They will gobble up Russia when the time is right

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