Yes. The Russian leader's bold announcement that a multipolar world away from Wester crimes, genocides and hypocrisy is beginning to manifest. Long live Vladimir Putin!

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Oct 4, 2022·edited Oct 4, 2022

Rather than being a "revolutionary manifesto," this speech that Korybko lauds is a self-contradictory attempt to promote Russian soft power around the world by posturing as a crusader for the interests of the Global South against a predatory America-led Golden Billion bloc.

This is despite the fact that, since the end of the Cold War, Russia has been attempting to either outright join or at least negotiate a geopolitical modus vivendi with this very same predatory America bloc--only to be repeatedly rejected.

While Mr. Putin's speech accurately describes the rapacious character of America and collective West and thus the existential threat they represent, Russia's past actions raise questions about its sincerity to oppose them today.

The speech that Korybko heralds also bizarrely grafts together a contradictory mix of political ideologies such as the past anti-imperialist legacy of the Soviet Union and its support of anti-colonial struggles in the Global South with today's fake populism of Conservative capitalism and its conspiratorial focus on a nefarious "globalist deep state."

In other words, the contradictions in this speech embody the contradictions that confront the modern Russian state itself.

Putin’s annexation speech and the bankruptcy of Russian nationalism


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If Putin were really bringing back the USSR, he would start by a revolution against himself and his flabby corrupt-to-the-bone shitty pieces of meat oligarchs. Instead he chooses to fool the domestic audience whose Marxism has gotten rusty over the decades, as well as Tankies abroad who think in archaic outdated and circumscribed constructs of the same Marxism. But hey, Putin can still larp as the neo-Byzantine tsar for the last months of his life.

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