If America is so racist, why don't Putin and Biden get along?

Of course, Lavrov is sophisticated eough to know better even if Andrew Korybko isn't.

Lavrov and China have both simply repeated Democrat rhetoric to their own advantage.

After all, is Lavrov supposed to defend Americans from Biden?

Or, exploit the stupid allegations and isolate America from the world as well as isolate Biden from Americans?

And all at the expense of the few Americans who actually do understand the Minsk Agreements and support Russia, who neither Democrats nor Republicans have any respect for anyway.

The Biden Adminstiration is far from "Caucasian" and Lavrov knows it.

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"The Golden Billion" isn't a thing. It's a demented conspiracy theory that naturally holds sway only in Russia.

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The split is between corporatist and sovereigntist. These are two parallel strands in modern politics.

Russia is behaving like a typical sovereign country, protecting what it sees as its strategic interests. The US centred Western Alliance is opposing this. It could be 1914 with alliances opposing each other. The Ukraine war is sovereign versus sovereign.

The continuation of international trade at any price is the corporatist strand. China and the multinationals are running a parallel world. This undermines the power of the sovereigntists so that sanctions do not work. The Internationalists are corporatists. They would happily see the world converted into a surveillance society with the only freedom being to work and buy, the only culture being materialism. No diversity. An end to racism (no separate cultures) and global peace (no freedom).

Your use of racial divisions is a tactic used by all sides. Putting up barriers such as borders is racist, opposing the global south is racist, etc etc. etc. Everyone on all sides is accused of racism because it is a handy way of grouping together the enemy as "evil". The corporatists/globalists/internationalists accuse everyone of racism because their ultimate, drab vision has no races or diversity.

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Dec 14, 2022·edited Dec 14, 2022

Your piece is obvious nonsense. If the West's ruling classes and subjects were even 1/10 as "Racist To The Core" as you imagine, borders would not be wide open, more or less, for replacement migration. No subsaharans, for example. would be allowed to enter, and resident savages like the USA's ghetto rats would be fleeing if they can and dying in droves for showing any insolence whatsoever. Constitutions and other laws throughout the West would be changed to exclude alleged victim races from any and all political and social power. Instead, what we see is pervasive antiwhite bigotry masquerading as a human rights campaign, compulsory recognition of fake marriages between homosexuals, and state protection and sponsorhip of sludge like transgenderism.

So the fact that you (and Putin) readily resort to "Racist" to explain a complex RELIGIOUS conflict indicates the laziness of your thinking about what is, in fact, religious chauvinism based on defective ideas about human nature and the correct way to live. It's ironic that one such dominant idea has long been the sentimental humanist lie that "all Men are created equal". Anyone can see that even two siblings of the same parents are likely to be unequal, esp. in terms of the right to rule, the right to choose teaching as one's profession, and so on. You, Putin, and Lavrov ignore all this for the usual reasons: thinking is metabolically expensive, so it's easier to let your brain stems ride herd over the prefrontal cortices.

In fact, even you don't believe your own accusation. Here's the evidence that I'm right:

"India, for instance, used to be considered by the Golden Billion to be a potential member of this exclusive club but its multipolar leadership proudly rebuffed all related pressure upon it to condemn and sanction Russia."

If the alleged racism were real, "the Golden Billion" would not have considered India as a potential member but only as a vassal to provide laborers for the fourth class. It would be no member at all, and brown bigots like Parag Agrawal, former Twitter CEO, would never rise far above entry level jobs writing code no matter what their merits. The state would refuse to enforce property rights in their favor, and their residency would be as precarious as the existence of any contemporary slave imported recently from Asia or Africa by others of their own races.

Now, there's another elephant in the room which you've ignored, but I'll save remarks about it for later.

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I would love to see this polled and graphed, because the overlapping between the groups would be extremely interesting. I know for myself I fit into multiple groups, whether I full identify with them or not. I consider myself part of the Multipolar grouping without being a conservative-sovereignist, within the Golden Billion by default without wanting to be part of those determined to monopolise with the privileges of that group, and a globalist(I prefer internationalist) without being a useful idiot of neoliberalism or the W E F, and finally a populist, of the left, not the right. "The global systemic transition to multipolarity has brought about the “Great Bifurcation”, which is dividing the globalized international order along three levels: the systemic; ideological/worldview; and tactical. The first refers to the global competition between the US-led West’s Golden Billion and the BRICS-led Global South; the second concerns the struggle between unipolar liberal-globalists (ULGs) and multipolar conservative-sovereigntists (MCS); while the last covers the increasingly tense relations between The Establishment and Populists (the dynamics of which differ by country)."

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