> This was the right move at the right time.

LOL. This was pure politics, playing to the domestic audience and the house propagandists. I think we're just a couple years from "Death to America" chants in state-coordinated demonstrations across major Russian cities. The descent from the USSR to third-world petrostate continues unabated.

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Meanwhile, in the United States, Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland (co-ordinator and originator of the proxy war in Ukraine) is now chanting, "Death to Russia" and vowing that the conflict will continue for at least a decade and will result in the destruction of Russia.

Both sides, Russian and American, rely heavily on propaganda.

Just as every statement by President Trump was prefaced in the mainstream media with the term "without evidence", every fact presented by President Putin is ridiculed as lies.

Did NATO infringe on Russia's border? Was Hydrochloroquine actually a poor substitute for the clot shots? Was the CIA involved in the "color revolution" in Ukraine? Has Kiev been killing people in east Ukraine since 2014? Who did the USA go to war with between 2016 - 2019?

Be careful whose lies you plant your flag on, M Singh.

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I'm not sure what world you are living in. As Russia liberates former Ukrainian states East of the Dnipro river , de-militarizing the West of Ukraine there will be no need for treaties with us, the u.s. Why would anyone adhere to treaties with a country that doesn't abide by them. We in the u.s. are more likely to be third world as finance dies at a very fast rate. 2007 will look like a party compared to what's coming. The last gasp of finance.

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I don't grasp the gist of what you are saying. The only thought that immediately comes to mind is that Ukraine signed a treaty promising never to use mercenaries in war & they are relying heavily on mercenaries.

I agree completely with your concern about America's economy in 2023. The "housing bubble", brought on by stupid government policies (e.g. "Everyone should own a home") was unnecessary and wouldn't have happened if the government had not gotten involved.

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The Minsk agreement stated Ukraine and Russia came to agreement allowing self determination in the Donetsk and Luhansk states. Then the murders and bombing began in both Donetsk and Luhansk not to mention the murders in Odessa. Ukraine murdered 14k of their own Russian speaking citizens. There are no good people in this war. Ukraine has lost and now most likely will lose everything East of the Dnipro river as well as finding themselves de-militarized. With the u.s having to buy 155mm artillery shells from South Korea, I think that should tell you the end is at hand for Ukraine. It's a shame really with most of Ukraine's army dead or wounded , will Poland enter to take Western Ukraine creating a larger conflict. We shall see. When you see a bright flash in the sky remember, run to the light.

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