Never underestimate the ability of fascists to exploit situations. Once the EU is blanketed with smoke from all the wood-burning stoves and people begin getting hungry because of the lack of food (or its availability), we are likely to see another psy-op such as that conducted by the USA (blowing up the Nord Stream pipelines). In the USA, mainstream "news" sources are now reporting that Russia put explosives inside the pipelines when they were initially assembled, expecting to blow them up in the future. Needless to say, the WOKE believe it.

The 3rd Reich burned the Reichstag and blamed it on communists. The 4th Reich is likely to do something similar. The status quo will not stand. When the EU falls, there will be hell to pay.

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Oct 5, 2022·edited Oct 5, 2022

I have to somewhat disagree with some of the conclusions.

1. The US would never permit China to remain an equal in a 'bipolar' world.... all the evidence is they mean to not just 'contain' China but reverse its economic and military power. There is nothing in China's history which indicates it wants to be a neo-colonial predator like the US, Britain, Nazi Germany, France etc or the crimes committed in Latin America by Spain and Portugal. China was the natural economic hegemon for 18 centuries based on trade and technology and it supported many countries along the old Silk Road. But the US cannot forgive China for refusing to remain a low-cost assembly labour economy, and instead becoming a high-technology rival which has invested in its own infrastructure and some $4 trillion in the Eurasian BRI, plus launching other independent institutions like the Asian Development Bank and the SCO, while also joining the Eastern Economic Forum which dissents from the Davos-based WEF.

2. Despite Russia's continued efforts (in the face of massive pressure with this US-NATO war using Ukraine) to minimize both civilian and military casualties and resort to Western-style war-criminal attacks on civilian infrastructure - it may have to escalate its actions in those domains before considering any limited nuclear options. It is clear the West wants to reverse not only Crimea but the 4 new territories now in Russia. The partial mobilization will probably have to be supported by bombings on Ukrainian forces and possibly civilian infrastructure.

3. The military 'stalemate' will keep the Russian Federation plus the new territories intact, but also keep the US-NATO-Nazi attacks ongoing..... So Russia will have to make harder choices... But as they have said, they don't have a particular timetable....this may or may not be counter-productive..

4. The current OPEC decision to defy US orders to not cut production continues a trend of Global South governments increasingly making independent decisions..... like the refusal of Mexico etc to attend the US-sponsored Summit of the Americas which did not invite Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua.

5. The Petrodollar monopoly which has financed unlimited US-led warcrimes, weapons and bases is also now in slow decline, as a direct consequence of US-ordered sanctions.....

The last two points indicate global support for Russia and the Chinese BRI, but India is now directly being pressured and punished for its de facto support of Russia - with the F-16 sale to Pakistan following the coup removing Imran Khan plus the geoengineered floods to smash protests by millions.... plus US references to Pakistan-occupied Kashmir as 'AzadJammu&Kashmir'...to signal a US divergence with India's position.

These factors indicate the declining hegemon is going to do everything necessary to undermine, defeat and destroy countries including major nuclear powers like Russia and China - to keep its rape and plunder intact.... These signs could lead to WW3, if that has not already started. The forced de-industrialization of Germany and Europe with the attacks on the Nordstream pipelines which Russia has no immediate incentive to repair - is also probably calculated to reverse the de-industrialization the globalist elites who control America did in the last few decades. There is no way they can force China to de-industrialize, so they are squeezing Europe. One of the clear objectives of re-industrializing the US has got to be to strengthen their weapons manufacturing capability even further - to be able to quarter and destroy Russia. And then go after China.... These are all the factors in the mix which is a global war for the United States.

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Oct 6, 2022·edited Oct 6, 2022

The west has been desensitized by the ongoing media fear campaign, of Covid, for the last two years, and the continuous repetition of OrangeManBad. In essence, hypnotized by the media’s Goebbels strategy. So, it’s natural, “Russia BAD BAD BAD!” takes roots in a population in a self-induced Stockholm Syndrome.

I have no dog in this fight, I’m an agnostic observer in this battle, as I see 2 bad guys duking this out, and just analyzing the strategy and the pieces. Putin is Putin, and Zelensky is a US installed puppet regime.

One thing I know, if Russia wanted to go full scorched earth on any Ukraine city, they would have. Kiev still stands largely intact, instead of Dresden in 1945, despite the shrill media reports. It seems that Russia has barely begun to fight, and has only used the minimum resources necessary to accomplish its goals. This was never about destroying Ukraine, it was about saving the Russian regions of U, of which Zelensky’s Nazi savages were carrying out a slow genocide.

Ukraine has only so many soldiers to sacrifice to Russia’s military, are they going to fight to the last one? They are badly outnumbered.

The west needs to understand that both Biden and Trudeau, are both sociopathic liars. Siding with them on anything, is a mistake. Their current positions are Ukraine Nazis GOOD, western Nazis BAD!


Russia has resources that the west can’t match, unless President Pampers sends in the US Army, and that would be a tragic, arrogant mistake

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Maintaining the status quo and surviving as an entity is the minimum Russia will achieve.

There is a possibility that continuous airstrikes against Ukrainian infrastructure would so reduce Ukraine's military capabilities that Russia could advance through Odessa to Transnistria and possibly also all the way through to the Western borders of Ukraine.

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If Putin uses a tactinal nuke, even as a test of their poseidon torpedo, then NATO has already declared a "catastrophic" conventional response on every Russian military asset in Ukraine and the Black Sea.

If that happens, Russian adventurism will screech to an abrupt end and the flower of Russian military-age soldiery will have perished in Ukraine.

If Putin somehow survives that outcome and retains his position, it will be by doubling and tripling down on Russian delusions of imperial destiny and proceed to an escalation with strategic nuclear weapons, for which NATO will either have a draconian first-strike scenario in place or we all get to die and it won't matter.

More likely, Prighozin, Shoigu and even that cretin Khadyrov will be circling the corpse of the Putin's ambitions like vultures.

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This was the plan from the very beginning. Plus, when the inevitable economic collapse hit the world hard, the second part will be completed inch by inch when no one was noticing. Plus, Russia has gotten rid of the excess traitors when it has opened its doors to them. Recently happened. 3 birds in one shot. Russia has learned to use time as a weapon. Well done to this great chess player.

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I wonder about "NATO is more than capable of preventing this with respect to Russia by continuing to invest infinite resources..." Can NATO and the US have so much resource to devote to warring Russia? In the current phase of the conflict in Ukraine, it does seem that way, but I wonder about its sustainability, especially considering resource scarcity in the belligerent countries.

Perhaps the result of this war, whatever happens with Novorossiya, will be a new "Iron Curtain" where Russia will have no relations with the West, but entirely with the Global South and China.

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100% bullshit.

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A very erudite comment, devoid of fact, evidence or argument. Look in the mirror!

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This is a very good article. Russia is winning long term.

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Where do you get that the US aims "to ensure the global systemic transition’s ultimate evolution towards multiplexity"?

That'd be a really silly aim.

So implausible.

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Russia is a 3rd world shithole and vassal state of the CCP.

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بہت تیل بيچ لیا پوٹن حرامی نے , اب پے بيک ٹائم ہے "ابّو جی" کی طرف سے

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-جو تھوڑا بہت دماغ پایا ہے کسی اچھے کام میں لگا لیتے تو آج پوٹن کے اٹھانے نہ پڑ رہے ہوتا کوریبکو میاں

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! نہیں بیٹا جی- آپ کا اونین پیلیس فرائی ہوگا اونین رنگز کی طرح

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آپ چ ہیں

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