Ivan Daraktchiev 

We are living through a clash between the civilization worshiping money, and a coalition of those whose value system consists of customary morality, religious faiths, spiritual beliefs, ideo-logical values, national traditions, or mixture of these


 This has become clearly evident, time and time again, at the summits of BRICS, SOF, UIS, etc., despite all attempts by the Evil Empire, a role the US has suggested as assumed by USSR while it has actually been a better fit for itself since long before R. Reagan spelled it out, to isolate Russia on the international arena. We see siding with Russia all kinds of states, from those guided by sheer ideology, to devoted religious establishments of various denominations, to strictly atheistic and/or just non-ideologically bound ones. Moreover, clearly many more countries would join above coalition, which we would label “spirituality first, materialism second”, once they gain their independence from the US and its ominous instruments of

de facto control (IMF comes to mind here), or otherwise when they just dump their servile Nomenklaturchiks and reset their socio-political system degradation of Representative Democracy 

 started in earnest in the mid-1970s, Rounds of vivid exposure to the Nomenklaturchiks’ shortcomings, mental barriers and even plain idiocy -- as well as their subservience to Deep State and its operatives.

Main features of the advanced Nomenklaturocracies (in North America and Western Europe):

1. The business of politics has become an industry -- and it is fully owned by Deep State.2. The business of “justice, law and order system” has become an industry -- and it is almost fully owned by Deep State.3. The business of Mainstream Media has become an industry -- and it is fully owned by Deep State. 4. The industry denoted as Military Industrial Complex is almost fully owned by Deep State.5. Te industry denoted as “state security apparatus” is -- directly or indirectly -- tully owned by Deep State.6. Deep State -- directly or indirectly -- is fully owned by Big Money.7. The Nomenklatura, including its metastases, is a Deep state’s asset but its functionality is supported entirely by the re-spective Administration’s budget -- hence We, The People are feeding our own parasites.

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While Russia is experiencing saboteurs destroying plants and factories, the US has seen several food processing plants destroyed in the past twelve months. The long-range effects of this is being felt in both countries. Meanwhile, Peru and Brazil are falling apart. Europeans and Americans are stranded and starving in Peru. America is approaching civil war with half its population believing that the President was not elected - but selected. Unrest is growing in the US because of its evolving into a world-leading Sodom and Gomorrah.

These are interesting times (if not End Times).

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I feel that US “successfully reasserting its declining unipolar hegemony across its traditional “sphere of influence” may yet be only a temporary success. Once the effects of the US plan become apparent to the greater European people, there may be backlash that is yet to play out.

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