Russia has already emerged victorious.

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Nice spin attempt, Andrew.

However, simply throwing more unwilling poorly-trained russian cannon fodder into the illegal and unjustified invasion of Ukraine will not pay the dividends Vlad Pootie is hoping for. The russians don't have the equipment or the logistics in place to support 300,000 newbies. Either the russian military takes the time to provide some modicum of proper training (3 months at a minimum), during which time the Ukrainians will have ample time to push further into Kherson, Zaporizhzhia, Donetsk, and Luhansk,... or the russian generals slap on boots and utes and send the guys to the front untrained, where they'll be promptly turned into fertilizer by the hardened, experienced, trained, supplied, and equipped Ukrainians.

The bottom line is that russia has been defeated in their broader strategic goals:

- The russians have failed to take Ukraine itself

- NATO has already expanded, on russia's border no less

- EU integration for Ukraine is closer than ever

- NATO sympathy for including Ukraine is stronger than ever, and could very well lead to NATO membership for Ukraine (at which point, russia will be unable to change Kyiv's mind)

- The frozen russian assets can be confiscated to rebuild Ukraine

- The image of the russian armed forces has suffered an irrecoverable blow

- Millions of Ukrainians who once had a favorable or at least benign view of russia are now hostile to russia and Moscow, including abandoning russian as their preferred day-to-day language

Moreover, were the Ukrainians to eventually accept the new border situation, they would be entirely free to join NATO, thus putting Ukraine in NATO, and NATO even more on russia's border.

This is why I don't hire russians to do any kind of strategic thinking, LOL!

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Excellent analysis. Thanks. Support fully.

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This article forgets the occupant is Russian. Lol.

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That's quite a take.

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