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"...the NATO-Russian proxy war in [the] Ukraine."

Can't we just call it what it is now, i.e. 'the (NATO) War'?

This is, after all, why NATO was founded and what its ultimate goal has always been.

If it is successful in fulfilling the goal for which it was conceived, then ultimately we might break it down into, e.g. 1) the Cold (stage of the NATO) War, 2) the Russia Stage, and 3) the China Stage.

Until then, can't we just call it what it is, i.e. the consistent part: the NATO War?

Otherwise, you inadvertently cast aspersions onto others who don't deserve any implication of responsibility.

"America’s Blueprint for Global Domination: From 'Containment' to 'Pre-emptive War'.

The 1948 Truman Doctrine

ANNEX: Archive of (Declassified) Top Secret Policy Planning Document

drafted by George F. Kennan"


16 December 2003>May 17, 2023

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