"...a close, reliable, and decades-long Russian partner..."

Yeah, forgive me for being so flippant, but the guy's been in power since pterodactyls ruled the skies.

"...thus making this situation all the more unique...."

And forgive me for being a smart-arse, but 'unique' is not a gradable adjective — it either is or it isn't, can't be more or less. Something like 'unusual' would work here.

"...even less..."

Countable = fewer

"...some even went as far as smearing President Nguesso."

Yeah, smearing is definitely a no-no, can't argue with that.

"...the point is that any military coup against him would most likely be driven by pro-Western motives and not multipolar ones."

This is true, and a damn good point. The counterpoint, however, is that pterodactyls get associated with Bidenesque mentalities and clans, whether they're deserving of it of not; something like Zelensky et al. The danger therein lies in the apparent invitation to revolutions of colour, which will almost inevitably be spotted and manipulated by our favourite hostility accelerants.

So, it might be a question of someone well-intentioned, but ill-equipped ("...some Russian media and supportive social media accounts...") trying to do something more than simply watching the space, doing something ANYTHING, to stop its stinking stagnation becoming too alluring to the always-present, always-vigilant vampire (You know who.) vultures.

Navalny, after all, wasn't accredited by Yale for no good reason! And don't forget the immortal words of Bush-the-Brighter: 'If I told you what we did, it wouldn't be secret.'

"...those who personally smeared him because they wrongly thought that it was in Russia’s interests to do so."

"...discredited them in the eyes of objective observers as well as average Congolese..."

"There’s never any benefit to be gained from sharing fake news, especially when it’s about a friendly country and their leader..."

Too true, all good points well made.

"...which suggests that they successfully psychoanalyzed them and that more such provocations might be forthcoming."

True, there is such a suggestion, and it may be the most likely, but it's not the only one.

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What are those "slanders?" Any 'president" presiding over a regime for 44 years cannot be anything but totally corrupt. Any allegation against such a type must be presumed true until shown otherwise.

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