Only a complete idiot would believe this piece of fiction. Ukraine obviously didn't kill the nazi skank. If the Russian govt. accused Ukraine, that means Ukraine couldn't have done it. Russians are serial liars. The truth is always the opposite of the Russian version. I believe it was carried out by an element of the Russian military for the catastrophic idea of invading Ukraine.

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I wonder if Darya's Murder isn't some sick CIA idea of retaliation for "Brittney" Griner?

Dugin was an academic and actgually rather even tempered.

Now, he's an enemy as never before.

The "Global War on Terrorism" has turned into the biggest terror organizxtion on Earth replete with narcotics smuggling, sexual depravity and an obcession for killing children

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Aug 21, 2022·edited Aug 21, 2022

The poor girl linked herself to the gangster Putin's regime. Anyone associated with him can be betrayed and sacrificed. I'm sorry that her father learns at such a cost to respect other people's lives and weigh words.

Denis Pushilin and his renegades may be behind the blowing up of the car ..

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They can say the same about you.

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A terrible outcome but probably inevitable given the utterly mercenary and disgusting nature of the Kiev regime and its sponsors. It's incomprehensible that they believe that they can do this and get away with it. They will reap the whirlwind.

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You can't be that stupid. All those who ideologically serve the Russian authorities are the same hostages as ordinary citizens. Only their risks are much higher.

Perhaps, initially it was about eliminating Dugin himself, as having extra connections and contacts, in other words, as a person who knew a lot. In addition, at the moment, as an ideologist, he was no longer needed - he said everything and began to repeat himself.

And then, well, you yourself asked, Alexander Gelievich: "Kill! Kill! Kill!". And the Motherland knows better who.

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FOX News presented the long range "Ukrainian" artillery and Black Sea drone strikes as part of a conventional "blitzkrieg" never mind, no armor and no mechanized infantry attack.

FOX presented the bombings of Dasha Dugin as a separate story and ignored the bombing attempt at Kostyantyn Ivanshchenko, although these would be the "light infantry" or partisan operations to disrupt "command and como" as the FOX Thot put it (Jack Keane couldn't stomach one, apparently)

IMO, this was the best NATO had to offer.

It fit classic conventional war doctrine, lame as it all was.

So, "now what", Thot? A NATO Drag Queen Contest?

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"rules-based order enshrined in the UN Charter"

A true WTF moment.

Do even some thoughtful people not yet understand the difference between a “law-based order” and a “rules-based order”?

(The former applies from the weak towards the mighty too, and across time; the latter not so much.)

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