Comments so far miss the point, IMO.

China and Inida aren't going to become best friends like America's "friends".

The War in Ukraine has simply resorted thier priorities and America comes out the number one worst enemy of both.

Squabbles will proliferate in a mutlipolar world but that doesn't mean wars necessarily do too especialy if the nations understand who their existential enemy really is and that border disputes are perrenial.

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While I welcome the easing of tensions between India and China, I think the writer lives in a make believe world of his own. This pull back by China could be a precursor to an attack on Taiwan. China has problems with all of its neighbours, not just India. Wonder if that happened because all of them are American vassal states. Creating bases in Gwadar, Hambantota are signs of a hegemonic power, not a cuddly panda as the writer thinks China is. China has worked incredibly hard at making India its enemy unnecessarily. This pull back changes nothing. Its a lull before the storm.

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Wow! I find it hard to believe this dangerous situation on Galwan has been resolved, and the 2 big Asian powers finally see the light.. but a consummation devoutly to be wished...

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