While obviously the political and socio-economical situation is deteriorating in EU (and US), I really hope Russia wont let herself be fooled again: I hope the Russian establishment will pursue all the goals of SMO up to the very end - it's their only chance to achieve a long-term peace in favourable conditions that might materialize in a new world order, a multipolar order. I hope they are aware that once again they are not fighting only for themselves but for the whole world, and another "Minsk agreement" or just a peace for the sake of peace would be, in fact, a geopolitical defeat. Russia needs a new security architecture in Europe if it really wants a durable peace. And, in order to accomplish this, they need an unconditional surrender from Ukraine/NATO. So, I hope they wont "sell cheap" all this military effort and, most of all, the lives of so many Russian soldiers fighting on today's front lines.

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Semi-related question. I see with a quick search that the term "golden billion" goes back to a 1990 book, The Plot of World Government under the name A. Kuzmich.

Does anyone know how he came to the 1 billion calculation? (I have a bookcase dedicated to Russia, but I'm not gonna read this one.)

If I understand the idea correctly, I think the number is way too high.

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