The Economist is a propaganda magazine owned by the Rothschilds who dominate the international banking cabal.

They were behind the Wall Street loot of Russia in the 1990s.

Putin has restored Russia from the West's predations, and even limited their destruction of Syria.

Hence the 2014 launching of the Grand Chessboard plan using Ukraine as pawn, in 2014.

That the Economist is a shit paper is also proven by their magazine cover some years ago screaming 'Putin the murderer'

after a Malaysian airliner was accidentally shot down.

The vermin didn't bother to ask what motive Russia would have to shoot down a Malaysian plane. Nor did they mention the intentional shooting down of an Iranian airliner by a US navy warship, for which the captain was awarded a Presidential medal of honour.

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The neo imperialist neo liberal war machine mouthpiece continue their arrogant colonial policies.

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Typical and predictable neo colonialist trash thinking under the guise of neoliberalism which from all appearances resembles Nazi ideology both in its racism and its monster offspring, economic fascism.

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