Oct 10, 2022·edited Oct 10, 2022

Good read as usual Andrew. In fact, this information has been well known to all Ethiopians all along. Sudan has been the main outlet to supply arms since the day the evil group, TPLF, was born 5 decades ago. Unfortunately, Sudan found itself in the same vicious circle of political instability again and it is a state that is being used by those who are tirelessly trying to save TPLF. Had these efforts been shifted to infrastructure development and capacity building of innocent Tigreans, it would have been a massive help though it is very naïve to think that option is desirable at all by TPLF and its western creators. Of course, the ones who are intentionally deaf and are the mastermind of all these evil moves will never accept the fact but hopefully this revelation will bring some key decision makers to reality check and change their action towards the effort to get rid of TPLF. Make no mistake, TPLF is an evil group that will serve no purpose to human kind let alone to Ethiopians. Eradicating TPLF and its evil ideology that is based on divide and rule principle which relies on existence of continuous hate between citizens of a nation will not only solve the current hostility in the country but it will also kill the evil dreams of others who are aspiring to be another TPLF in the country. In the last 50 years TPLF planted a poison seed in Ethiopia and wiping out TPLF will only be a start but a big one to deal with the whole evil ideology that has been cultivated for such a long time.

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