The hegemony will most likely be short lived, as it is the alliance of the feeble.

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At the risk of sounding cynical, the US has methodically destroyed the EU and is about to launch its own blitzkrieg as the 4th Reich charges forward with the goal of nothing short of world control.

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... and we were told that Soviet Union was bad... reasonable people, compared to the handlers of the American Empire!

Their goal is - obviously - global domination... with two "small" problems: they have to defeat Russia and China... Since they cannot, I am afraid the situation will go nuclear.

We made it out of 2022 alive (well - almost - at least) - I wonder if we will still be around next Christmas?

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Until 2022, America promised never to launch a pre-emptive nuclear attack. Biden changed that.

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... but then again, what value do US puppeteers' promises have? This changes exactly nothing.

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Where is the populace that wants to go back under the Russian yoke after tasting an alternative?

These Russian-propagandist "think"-pieces are always the same. Always confused. Why do people who have seen options not choose Russian domination anymore?

And maybe that's the key thing for the tankies (Western trained anti-American military), the Ru propagandists (the substack author), the "death to Americanists", the key thing that they don't get.

Every nation that broke through the Iron curtain, i.e. broke out of Russian domination, now has a more wealthy and happier populace. Poland is the example that's hard to ignore. On every human improvement index, Poland has made giant leaps forward since being released from Ru.

Europe wants Europe. Democracy. Human rights. An end to imperial wars of territorial acquisition.

The nations that were previously under the Russian yoke, broke free after the end of the Cold War, and have moved forward by engaging and if possible joining the EU? Better. Things are better. In almost all ways.

The Tsar/Horde/Emperor Rus model is not attractive. We see the grinding poverty, and see it as a bad thing.

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I agree with Hubris' observation that this hegemony will be short lived. Not only because the vassals are feeble but because it is a hodge podge constructed out of incompatibilities, the majority forced into compliance against their deepest interests and very survival.

At the top, in charge, are USA, Israel and UK whose governments are entwined.

The second level is the Echelon: ie the english speaking immigrant colonies of Britain, all islands or islanded: Apart from USA, Israel and UK itself this includes Canada, Australia and New Zealand: these 3 are Crown Dominions. Although UK is considered to be European, neither it nor any of the Echelon countries have any strong connection to the European continent apart from what they have borrowed or looted.. Not linguistically (English is not a continental language), not culturally, not judiciary, not religiously (Echelon is secular), and over-riding all, not geostrategically. The interests of the European continent are incongruent and disconnected from the Echelon, who are - bar Israel - scattered continental islands reliant on navy and air power. Israel, an 80 year old deliberately supperating wound in the Levant, was created on false pretences and set into the Near East to divide and control the region, to guard Suez and US-UK pipelines.

Together the top level concocted their fake "Europe"...at first, post WW2, only a third of Europe, now just over half. This minitiarised conception of "Europe" was first knit together by NATO, next by the Common Market, and for the last 2 decafes by a non-democratic, de-sovereignising externally-imposed construct "the EU", in which most member states are further entrapped by a mal-constructed, equally unnatural Euro currency. Thus USA-Israel-UK , apart from US military occupation of each member state, now controls the finances, armed forces and judiciary of each once independent country on the continent. This is reinforced by media censorship: I don't just refer to US-UK dominance of the media but more important the deliberate Absence for 70+ years of any independent platform anywhere in the EU in which EU member states can speak with each other . All news is relayed through US-UK media.

Thus, the top level believes it has nailed the weakest link: Europe - which is only important for them as their military platform in Eurasia - through military occupation, NATO, EU, the euro, the media and finally its myriad NGOs (USAid, Soros etc). The 2 last are the agents of Gramscian "values" aimed at destroying and de-nationalising cultures and the selection and promotion of weak, low IQ comradore leaders.

Problem is: divisions in amalgam "Europe" run too deep and its interests in no way coincide with level 1 and 2. To borrow from Samuel Huntington it is divided on 3 civilisational lines. 1) Protestant northern Europe - north Atlantic countries [think NATO] - which supplied most of the original immmigrants to the Echelon colonies, along with their exceptionalist ("chosen" and supremacist) world view - ie UK, Netherlands, Scandinavia, Germany. 2) Roman Catholic Europe, ie main bulk of EU 3) Orthodox Europe, culturally and civilisationally aligned with Russia. In accordance with their secularity, the Protestant countries willingly adopt US-UK-Israeli "woke" values; Catholic Europe resists; and Orthodox Europe discreetly ignores [rejects]. "Europe" breaks down further into other sympathies; the Mediterranean grouping, the Balkans, the Germanic world etc

More to the point, it is only protestant Europe which is reliably Neocon, and perhaps only UK and Netherlands are true dyed-in-the-wool. Here is the true Russophobia based on envy and greed. The secondary Russophobia is historic: Poland and the Baltic mini-states which Level 1 manipulates and abuses. The rest of "Europe" in varying degrees has no problem with Russia and has been happily interdependent with it in terms of trade, culture and tourism. AND with China and OBOR. Secretly ALL of "Europe" agrees with the Eurasia conception because it is simply the inescapable geographic and economic reality.

By purposely impoverishing "Europe" UK-USA-Isreal have made a truly high stakes gamble, betting on achieving their WEF fantasy of total control via digitalised currency linked to social credit; deprivation and die-off from starvation and MRNa injury; with popular resistance to be dealt with by the secreted terrorist cadres and fellow travellers (migrants, mercenaries, Ukrainians, perhaps Poles etc) , the US military itself, the smuggled armaments (the billions donated to Ukraine) etc.

We shall see.

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Europeans need to grow some balls already

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