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Confused? You will be after this week's Indian Soap.

This is the problem with old-fashioned democracies: too many people want too much of the power pie, and they all get a chance to increase their share at regular intervals, so everyone races around like chickens with their heads cut off worried only about the next election, knowing anything done before the next election is subject to change after it.

I don't know how to make it any better, but it seems to work a lot better in places that don't rely on the antiquated English/American '1776-Forever' system, like India does. But, of course, there are also places where it's a lot worse. I think it's India's lack of recognition, as far as I can see, that there's anything wrong which troubles me most. That can't last forever and, when they realise that, those who have come to rely on them, as you have shown a predisposition to do, may be terribly disappointed... And hurt. No-one should want that.

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