Viva Ethiopia

You shall prevail against all odds.We have to!!?

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We Ethiopians and perhaps many others around the world know the hybrid war the US,EU, and their proxies TPLF, Egypt,Alshabab and other terrorist groupshave Benn waging on Ethiopia and on the HOA as a whole.By the unity ,wisdom and resilience of Ethiopiand in and out of the country and with the help of decent country and individuals like you,Ethiopia has prevailed.

We need to keep on fighting these imperialists and colonialists and expose their renewed war on Ethiopia now who are plottingto derail the peace process

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Yes, it is crystal clear to all that the US and EU are working hard to replace the democratically elected government by the terrorist TPLF. That won’t happen as the Ethiopian people are fully aware of that. No More meddling into our affair. Leave Africa for Africans.

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Thanks, Andrew Korybko for being genuine, unbiased and also for standing with the truth amid corrupted journalism. US, EU and UN will not succeed in oppressing Ethiopia.




Peace, love and all in all prosperity to #TheLandOfOrigin and beyond.

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